“To Promote better Family and Community Health
through safe and effective Chiropractic Services.”

The purpose of Chiropractic Patients Federation Asia is to provide a forum to exchange ideas, to develop common policies, and to promote chiropractic as an independent health care option in the Asian countries.

Chiropractic Patients Federation Asia Philippines is a non-governmental patient advocate organization in the Philippines with the purpose of promoting chiropractic in the country where the association is based.

Membership in general consists of patients who have been helped by chiropractic – and thereby have their life quality improved. Now that person or group of persons want to provide proper information about chiropractic and to support the development of chiropractic in their own country.

Our Goals are:

  • to promote chiropractic in the Philippines to improve needed access to qualified chiropractic care,
  • to promote a National Posture Campaign following the examples of Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, etc.
  • to help establish a Philippine College of Chiropractic to assure future generations of care,
  • to create solidarity between patients and chiropractors by promoting their mutual interests.

NEWS BRIEF – APCP, the Association of Professional Chiropractors of the Philippines, held its first general Assembly on April 1, 2014. Representatives of the CPFA-P were present at this event and met several of the practicing chiropractors in the Philippines. There is an invitation by the APCP to meet with us for collaboration on Public Health ideas and in supporting the passing of the Chiropractic Act of 2013 SB 993. The CPFA-P looks forward to a full exchange and engagement with all APCP members in building the patient Federation membership and in building Public Heath projects to better inform the Filipino people about Chiropractic.