1. CPFE (Chiropractic Patients Federation Europe)

* http://www.prochiropractic.org/whatischiropract.html

“Your Chiropractor treats disorders of the musculo-skeletal system by manipulating the joints and muscles of the spine, pelvis, arms and legs with his hands, without the use of medication.Together with General Practitioners, Chiropractors form a part of the public health Service in the treatment of various diseases originating in functional disorders. If you are suffering from pain, and you think chiropractic treatment could relieve it, a chiropractor will be happy to give you a consultation. If after a thorough examination, he finds that your problem is not suitable for chiropractic treatment, or that another form of treatment would give better results he will refer you for treatment elsewhere, such as to a General Practitioner, a Hospital or a Dentist.”  – excerpt taken from above site, which contains complete article.


“Chiropractic Patients Federation Europe is an umbrella Organisation of chiropractic patients´associations from countries in Europe – and have their annual General Assembly in a new country each year. In the North of Europe, Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Sweden,Denmark and Belgium have legislature for chiriopractic. CPFE will continue to support and help to create stronger patient associations in the whole of Europe.” – excerpt taken from above site, which contains complete article.


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